My name is Marc Casale and along with Warren Langford, we're launching The Grind, a social-impact podcast bringing young people real talk about navigating today’s working world.

I’ve spent my career working in two worlds. I’ve been a management consultant at The Boston Consulting Group and an educator working with students from low-income communities. I’ve learned that the job market is a hazy and uneven playing field designed to give some kids a leg up and lock others out. And if you’ve been following the news over the last few years, you know this a problem of national significance.

It’s time for us to flip the script.

In the first season of The Grind, we’ll follow four brave college students as they try to rewrite the rules and land great jobs. Each episode will pose a question drawn from their experiences that we’ll try to answer with help from experts and professionals living it. 

Thanks for your support. We're all in this together. Grind on!